What Is Seo? Search Engine Optimization In Plain English

The purpose of any website is to attract users and either convey information, sell a product or service, or collect contact details for future marketing opportunities. While some website visitors will come from social media, paid ads, or marketing emails, a successful website also needs visitors who “stumble” onto your site through their own searches. Read this guide for an explainer that’s perfect for beginners and those dabbling in digital marketing for the first time. Because you’ve got to start somewhere—and all those marketing blogs make it way too complicated. The industry’s first and only SEO solution to give marketers real-time research, recommendations, and rankings–everything an SEO needs all in a unified platform. Before commencing keyword research, find out the topics you wish to target. These topics can generally relate to your business in a close group or a broader sense.

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Google uses a complicated algorithm to determine which sites, pages, and articles get top billing. That includes topic relevance, overall existing traffic to your page or site, quality of content, and whether or not your page is structured in a way the makes it global seo-friendly . Getting Google’s attention is the difference between making it onto the first page—or getting buried six pages deep.

You can read more about the perils of keyword stuffing and other ill-advised SEO strategies in this Moz article. SEO site architecture improvements can also include working with web developers on code-specific issues like site loading speeds, outdated or broken links to URLs , and optimizing HTML tags . For more details on the architecture side of SEO, check out this Developing for SEO tutorial from SEO software company Moz. You’ll need to apply best practices to both in order to see your search traffic trend upward at the fastest rate possible. It helps to keep in mind that—as this Forbes article points out—up to 92 percent of search traffic clicks come from results on Google’s first page, plummeting to below 6 percent once you get to the second.

It is essential to consider buyers’ cogitation and compile a list of issues that would allow your business to be discovered by the target audience. Skalski Growth is a full-service results-oriented digital marketing agency.

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