The Importance of Do-Follow Links in SEO


In the vast world of the internet, getting the attention of other people for a website can be difficult, what with a large amount of content already out there. To gain a good amount of traffic for your site, it is important that the site remains among the top results of a search engine result. Fortunately, there exists a set of ethical techniques called ‘Search Engine Optimization’ or SEO that are tailored to enable the site to be part of a search engine’s top results. To apply these SEO techniques effectively,  professional seo agencies exist. Among the steps that a site owner may take to utilize SEO in his site is by making use of a certain type of link called Do-Follow links. One of the best seo companies is located in St Louis county Missouri.  More specifically they are located in Clayton Mo.

As an element of a webpage, Do-follow links are a form of HTML attribute that enables search bots to follow the link. If your website is found to be a credible source of information, it can be linked by another webmaster on his own site. Such linking allows the search engine and other visitors to follow the site.

An example of a do-follow link format is a targeted keyword being used as anchor text to a link. When linking to, for example, your site uses the relevant keyword ‘Google’ to anchor the link to the site. Generally, all hyperlinks, or links on a site that leads to another site, are considered do-follow links.

Do-follow links are important for a site since it can greatly affect its ranking in a search result. When a site is linked from another site, it gets a certain amount of ‘boost’ in its SEO. Search engines take note of the number of inbound links that a page is getting, along with the sources of such links. The more times a page is linked, the more ‘points’, or ‘link juice’ as webmasters coin them, that such page receives. The PageRank metric exists to calculate such points, which search engines base from to sort webpage results for a user.

Aside from quantity, the SEO ranking of the site itself that created the hyperlink is also considered. This means that more reputable and high-ranking sites, such as, can give a great amount of SEO boost to a site that it links to. This is because search engines will recognize your site as having valuable information since it was linked directly from a high-ranking site. In a sense, these higher sites pass SEO link juice to lower-ranking sites when they link them. As a direct consequence of these links, if your website gets linked by these sites, it can cause a great surge of traffic for your site since the page will have great visibility.

Most search engines are configured to rank search results based on link juice rankings. This is because it is most likely that the page contains quality content for its related topics. Since search engines are committed to bringing the best results with every search of a user, its algorithm will then elect your site to be among the top results for a certain query related to your content.

When designing a page aimed to reach a wide audience through search engine results, you must carefully consider its content to be worthy of being linked by other sites through do-follow links.